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Feb 15, 2008 at 02:18 PM

Hibernate version


Hi everyone!

Sorry for crossposting, already posted this in WebDynpro Java...

We're currently trying to get Hibernate to work on NW J2EE 6.40. We deployed the jars mentioned in [Hibernate on SAP NetWeaver (1st version)|] successfully. While it seems to be somewhat working - at least we're seeing hibernate error messages 😉 - we run across a NPE in


when calling


In [Hibernate Issues HHH-1365|] this is said to happen when running Hibernate 3.1.3 against a signed JAR. Since I did not see any posting related to this error under NetWeaver, I think that the problem is caused by me using a wrong Hibernate version (we try to use Hibernate 3.1.3) with J2EE 6.40.

I did not find any version hint fpr Hibernate 3 in the document version linked above, so I used the version mentioned in [Hibernate on SAP NetWeaver (2nd version)|], but this version deals with NW 2004s / J2EE 7.0. The other jar's versions are identical.

Can anyone confirm that I may be using the wrong Hibernate version and/or tell me which version of Hibernate3.jar I'd have to deploy to avoid this ?