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SAP BOBJ WEBI Performance

Nov 23, 2017 at 08:52 PM


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Hi I´m facing some trouble with my BOBJ Platform 4.1, my reports are taking very long time to open. next the configuration that i have reviewed **TOMCAT -JAVA -Xms2048m -Xmx16384m -XX:MaxPermSize=8192m -XX:+UseParallelOldGC *Architecture Virtual Server (vmware) llinux red hat Ram memory 128 GB When i installed BOBJ, i used the configuration wizard choosing the XL deployment, after that i modified the java configuration as you can see upper, some report took around 3 minutes to open, the peak of user consuming data was 20 user at the same time, but the performance is very poor, at this momment only use webi, but in a near future i will use dashboard, lumira and mobile, so i´m worry for the performance when i use that tools, frequently i clean logs directory, i think i has a big platform in wihc i would get more than i just receiving now, and i pretty sure that BOBJ would offers a better performance. I read a lot of the webi processing server, and i dont know very well what configuration have to set in order to improve the performance, in some article says that i have to clone other webi processing server and other things, so i want to ask what are the best configuration for webi processing server . Thanks a million

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Nov 24, 2017 at 10:41 AM

is it happening with all reports or specific? if some specific then try with purge data and save the report.try again to open the report.

have you tried in different browser?

Have you checked the server performance and which PID is taking more memory and CPU usage.

what is support patch?

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Hi Amit

It is happening with some reports that has a lot information, but some time with a small reports, that seems a unstable behavior, yes i purged data, also tried with other browser (firefox), chrome is preferred browser Unfortunately i have restricted access to the server, so the only that i can to do is "top" command via putty The support patch is SP7 Amit would you like to recomend me some wips configuration in order to get the best of resources? Thansk a million

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Sorry one more it happening with specific user or happening with all users?

have you granted the access on Web intillegnce application for user groups under the application in cmc?



it is happening with all user, in fact i using the admin user