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I get different results with LEFT OUTER JOIN and ASSOCIATION

Nov 23, 2017 at 04:35 PM


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My association

define view ZCDSV_QTITMASC
  as select from ZCDSV_QTITMLNK as a
  /*  left outer join vbap           as b on  a.vbeln     = b.vbeln
                                        and a.ref_posnr = b.posnr*/
  association to vbap as _to_vbap_ref on  a.vbeln     = _to_vbap_ref.vbeln
                                      and a.ref_posnr = _to_vbap_ref.posnr
  key a.vbeln,
  key ref_posnr,
  key fg_posnr,
      //b.matnr                          as tp,
      _to_vbap_ref.matnr               as tp1


If I uncomment the LEFT OUTER JOIN, I get the expected result:

How can I make the association give the results like the LEFT OUTER JOIN?

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1 Answer

Horst Keller
Nov 23, 2017 at 05:12 PM

Are you on HANA?

Maybe you have to specify the correct cardinality.

HANA optimizes and thereby can change the result.

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Former Member

Thanks for the response. Tried every possible combination but unfortunately no change in results. Closing this thread as I did the query the old way and resolved the issue with a left outer join instead of association.