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Variant Management 'Manage' Eventlistener

Hi All,

I am trying to implement fiori variant management for my project. I have succeeded in implementing the onSelect and onSave listeners and they are working fine. But onManage gives the following error -

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'setText' of null at f.w._handleManageSavePressed (VariantManagement.js?eval:6)

at f.w._handleNextEvent (VariantManagement.js?eval:6)

at f.w._addEvent (VariantManagement.js?eval:6)

at (VariantManagement.js?eval:6)

at f.a.fireEvent (EventProvider-dbg.js:229)

at f.a.fireEvent (Element-dbg.js:427)

at f.firePress (ManagedObjectMetadata-dbg.js:426)

at f.B.ontap (eval at evalModuleStr (, <anonymous>:816:179)

at f.a._handleEvent (Element-dbg.js:162) at constructor.U._handleEvent (UIArea-dbg.js:786)

Basically, i am clicking on 'Manage' button on variant management panel and then modifying one of the variant names and clicking on 'OK'. On click of 'OK', according to my understanding, the manage event should fire but instead i get the above error. Variant management control is defined as follows:


<v:VariantManagement id="vm" select="fnonSelect" manage="fnonManage" save="fnonSave" enabled="true" showExecuteOnSelection="false" showShare="false" variantItems="{/results}" defaultVariantKey="{/defVariant}" initialSelectionKey="{/defVariant}" standardItemText=" - "> <v:variantItems> <v:VariantItem text="{VariantName}" key="{VariantName}" author="{UserName}" global="true" readOnly="false" lifecyclePackage="/UIF/LREP_HOME_CONTENT" accessOptions="RWD"/> </v:variantItems> </v:VariantManagement>


fnonManage: function(oEvent){ alert('Manage OK pressed'); };

Any pointers why the issue is appearing? What am I missing here?

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