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Activation failed. Repository: Activation failed for at least one object;


I am getting error while transporting the HANA calculation view from DEV to QA.

[hanaprd][HEP][2017.11.23 12:03.41.421][TransportService][0] Transport (full) has been started for route ID: 1103 [Sakshi] (Delivery Unit Transport) [hanaprd][HEP][2017.11.23 12:03.41.589][TransportService][0] There will be 1 delivery units which will be transported. [hanadev][HED][2017.11.23 12:03.41.662][Export][0] Starts for DU: SAKSHI1 Vendor: [hanadev][HED][2017.11.23 12:03.41.701][Export][0] Export (local) has been started ... [hanaprd][HEP][2017.11.23 12:03.41.721][TransportService][0] DU: SAKSHI1 Vendor: [hanadev][HED][2017.11.23 12:03.41.764][Export][0] Export of DU [SAKSHI1] finished with RC: 1 [hanadev][HED][2017.11.23 12:03.41.788][Export][0] Content ID: 1603 [hanadev][HED][2017.11.23 12:03.41.797][Export][0] Export (local) successfully finished and persisted [hanadev][HED][2017.11.23 12:03.41.806][Export][0] Completed. Content ID: 1603 [hanadev][HED][2017.11.23 12:03.41.928][DUContent][0] Received request to retrieve DU content for ID:1603 [hanadev][HED][2017.11.23 12:03.41.948][DUContent][0] DUContent finished. [hanaprd][HEP][2017.11.23 12:03.41.976][TransportService][0] Export finished. Content ID: 1603 [hanaprd][HEP][2017.11.23 12:03.42.141][TransportService][0] The content for ID: 1603 has been received from system HED@hanadev. Local content Id: 1108 [hanaprd][HEP][2017.11.23 12:03.42.168][Import][0] Multi-Import of full DU(s) starts for content IDs: 1108 [hanaprd][HEP][2017.11.23 12:03.42.196][Import][0] Content to be imported has size of: 22395 bytes [hanaprd][HEP][2017.11.23 12:03.42.216][Import][0] Multi-Import runs [hanaprd][HEP][2017.11.23 12:03.46.247][Activation][8] Activation of at least one object failed [hanaprd][HEP][2017.11.23 12:03.46.395][TransportService][12] Error: Activation failed. Repository: Activation failed for at least one object;At least one runtime reported an error during activation. Please see CheckResults for details

Kindly help to resolve this issue.

Thanks in advance....

Maruti Magadum


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