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Feb 15, 2008 at 01:11 AM




can anyone tell me what are the values to be filled in the fields specified by BAPI_INCOMINGINVOICE_CREATE for the following help given in this BAPI as below.

If planned delivery costs are posted for a purchase order, the fields Level Number (COND_ST_NO) und Condition Counter (COND_COUNT) or the field Condition Type (COND_TYPE) must be populated.

(You can interpret the values for the fields from database table KONV for condition and transaction data.)

i have tried putting COND_ST_NO = 1 COND_COUNT = 1.

or i have tried putting COND_TYPE = 'FRA1' both of these are giving error.

that we cannot post delivery cost.

what are the actual values that can be used to correct the function module.


Yao Chhang