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Feb 14, 2008 at 08:35 PM

Data loss in original documents


Hi, we are running R/3 46C with DMS.

Typical functionality is as follows:

Using the online vault (ftp server), we checkin and out the originals from the DMS. We use MS Word/Excel as workstation applications to create/update the originals. e.g. the original is checked-out and opens as a MS Word document within the SAPGUI (Inplace DM configuration). A temporary copy is created on local workstation. Employee then updates the original and does a 'save and exit'. This checks the original back into the vault, deletes the local copy from workstation and exits the transaction.

The issue is as follows:

Person A opens the original, updates it and saves and exits. Person B (or the same person A) opens the same original document within couple of seconds or so after person A has saved and exited. In this case, person B doesnot see the updated content. So person B has no clue that the content was updated. If person B updates the content and saves it,

the content updated by person A is lost. There seems to be a performance issue resulting in potential data loss. The trace files for sapftp indicate good performance without any timeouts etc. between the workstation and the online vault (ftp server).

Not able to nail the cause. Any ideas or suggestions will be appreciated.