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Feb 14, 2008 at 03:51 PM

DataSource for FAGLFLEXT and BSEG, or New Table in ECC6?


need to create an extractor to have all the information of FAGLFLEXT, because we need to keep the ledger information and the split of the information. However, we need to add 13 fields contained in BSEG.

Therefore we thought to reads the line items table FAGLFLEXA, and then enhace it throught BSEG table.

However, since we are using ECC6 and BI7. It is not support the creation of DataSources for FAGLFLEXA throught FAGLBW03.

Is it an option to incorporate all fields into FAGLFLEXT.

Can we creat a new table group based on FAGLFLEXT, and then adding the coding block extensions to that table -

how does new g/l and the new table group work in parallel? Which is the procedure to do it?

Documentation says we can create a new table group based on FAGLFLEXT --- its the how does it work in conjuction part...for example...the new g/l handles document splitting and one other thing georg referenced last night...will the split documents go into our new table group?

BSEG does not have the document splitter information that we need (it's incomplete data). It's missing profit centers on many items, it's missing the proper split of transactions.

Thanks for your comments.