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Feb 14, 2008 at 07:21 AM

Work Order Settlement Rule



Currently when we change the functional location of equipment the cost centre is not right away reflected in the settlement rule. An enhancement is to be created to update the settlement rule in order to key in the current cost centre of the equipment. I am planning to make use of a user exit during the update of equipment (EXIT_SAP_MIEQ0_001) to trigger the update in the rule. However, I need the date change as well; this user exit does not have that.

I am planning to use a function module (K_ORDER_SRULE_ADD) to create a settlement rule; however, I am encountering an error (listed below).

I have tried K_SRULE_SAVE_UTASK as well. Just wondering if there are other options.

Any help will be very much appreciated. Also, is there somewhere in the configuration that could make the update of the settlement rule once functional location is changed, automatically? So that an enhancement will no longer be used? Again any ideas are very much appreciated.

Very desperate at this point.

Thanks in advance,


Receiver categ. is not allowed by settlement prof. PM0001 for this sender Message no. KD031 Diagnosis The settlement profile specifies which receiver categories you can settle a sender to. Receiver category is not allowed by settlement profile PM0001 for this sender.


You can do the following:

* Assign a settlement profile to the sender, that implements the

required receiver category .

Choose "Goto -> Settlement Parameters".

* Specify another receiver for distribution rule 009. If you already

used this rule for a previous settlement, enter a valid-to period. Then enter a new rule for the next settlement with a receiver category. This category must be one that is allowed by settlement profile PM0001.

Procedure for System Administration

If necessary, maintain a suitable settlement profile.