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Former Member
Oct 18, 2016 at 03:24 PM

PB12.6 developed app crashing on Win 10 when multiple instances run simultaneously


We have a 32-bit Windows application developed with PB12.6 Build 4098. We distribute this application as a 32-bit EXE along with our PBDs and the PowerBuilder DLLs. We used to be able to launch multiple instances of our EXE on the same PC with no issues. Now that we are on Windows 10, we are having problems

We can launch an instance and sign in to our DB, but when we launch another instance of our EXE, Windows reports a problem with the first instance with the message [app_name.exe has stopped working]. We can run multiple instances of this application on Windows 7 with no issues.

I've tried debugging with the PB12.6 debugger and break points, but the application is not throwing any exceptions or errors as far as I can tell.

I appreciate any comments, questions, etc on how to trouble shoot this.