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Feb 13, 2008 at 08:16 AM

Basics of serial numbers


Dear All,

Our organisation is considering the implementation of serial numbers.

The problem is that they want to realize the 'serial number management' through batch management > they want to store the serial numbers in batch field...

I objected to this because SAP standard solution for ser. no. management is serial number management. I feel our live may be diffiult if they misuse batch management.

E.g. if we produce 120 pcs of a certain goods we're going to see 120 lines in MB51 in connection with confirmation if they really want to use batch field for this purpose - and I only mentioned movements that occure in connection with confirmation. Our process for FGs 101 (confirmation against PrdOrd) > 313 & 315 (SLoc-Sloc) > 601 (GI against delivery) - in case of 120 FGs this would mean 4*120 lines in MB51...I guess it would be difficult to handle...

I'd like to ask your opinion on this, and I'd like to ask you how real SNM works (e.g. how can we trace goods movments, by which reports, what about stock reports, etc).

Thanks in advance,