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Oct 19, 2016 at 08:48 AM

FEC file - how to handle empty SGTXT fields


Hello Experts,
we created FEC extract and views according to the relevant SAP notes.
Now our auditors complain that many lines only contain "*" in field SGTXT.
They claim that according to French law all SGTXT fields have to contain a sensible text.

1. Is that true? According to our accounting the law is pretty clear about that. I can hardly imagine that this is not covered by SAP's solution.

2. If so, how can we accomplish that?
Manual maintenance does not cover automatically generated item lines
A substitution could become very complex, covering the various rules for sensitive texts
A batch job updating today's records would be likewise complex but not as performace relevant.

How do other companies deal with this requirement? It seems strange I could not find anything in the internet...

Thanks for your support.

Regards, Jens