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Feb 12, 2008 at 10:12 PM

BI/CRM: Missing partner functions during extraction


Hi All,

Through standard extractors we're extracting standard partner functions from CRM. I've not noticed that several of the standard fields no longer populate when the extractor is executing. I know for fact that these fields have been populating in the past.

One example is for the opportunity header 0CRM_OPPT_H which no longer populates the standard partner function 00000066 - Channel Partner into the the field SALESPARTNER in the extract structure. We have configured "Define Extraction for Partner Functions" in SBIW and ensured that our custom development in SE19 and CMOD does not owerrwrite this/these fields.

Has anyone experienced this before?

We're on BI 7.0 (SP15) and CRM 5.0 (SP11)