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Nov 01, 2016 at 08:26 PM

Debug the Transactional RFC Receiver port in SAP System code ,


Hello Team,

I am debugging Outbound Idoc of VL02n Transactional RFC unable to debug this function module.

I have one query regarding the how to debug the Code in SAP.

I want to debug the Outbound IDOC in SAP System of the delivery

Message type : DESADV

Message code 900

Basic type DELVRY03

Extension DELVRY03

For the three is ne Z Process code is created ZHUL (Delivery DELVRY03: DESADV)

Receiver port SAPBC (Transactional RFC)

When I double clock on the port RFC destination is maintined CIS_0105

I have test the connection and it is working fine

For the Process code ZHU Function module ZIDOC_OUTPUT is attached.

When I put the break point in this Function module which is in SAP Debugger is not stopping why ? And

Idoc gets generated. How to debug thw this Code?


3.jpg (58.6 kB)
2.jpg (47.1 kB)