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Sizing tool for SAP Business One on Windows 2012 Server

Hi Experts, good day!

Just looking for some advice on how to size up hardware requirements for SAP B1 Server on Windows Server 2012.

I have seen the sizing tool for SAP HANA that asks for the number of transactions and lines per document, thought I can use it for SQL Server.

Sizing tool for SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA™
I was browsing on portal and have found the "System Requirement Sizing Tool for SAP Business One Terminal Server". It asks for CPU Frequency, number of CPUs and Cores. After filling the details required, the tool provided me with the ideal Network Bandwidth allocation, and memory required.

I want to know the storage size I need for my server to handle 5-year transactions. Should I use any other tool?

Answers are much appreciated.

Thank you,

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    Nov 22, 2017 at 01:55 PM


    B1 is a database driven application. As such, hardware and Windows settings should be favorable for a database. Please have a look at this blog for some tips for your hardware setup. The same blog also has some information about storage.

    The amount of storage needed depends on several factors:

    1. the number of transactions you have already created (for example: 1 sales order with 5 line items = 6 transactions, the sales order results in a full delivery = another 6 transactions, when you invoice the delivery you add another 6 transactions. If you have to create a credit memo for this invoice you add another 6 transactions. Total 18 - 24 transactions If you have to first purchase the necessary stock, you could be creating the same number of transactions on the purchase side, etc.).
    2. the estimated amount of transactions you will be making over the given 5 years.
    3. to a lesser degree the amount of user defined fields you have added already and new ones you will add over the given 5 years, with changes in your business scenario.
    4. will you be adding a lot of attachments (powerpoint, excel, and word documents, etc) that will get saved to the same server?
    5. will you be saving item images?
    6. will you be running other software on the same server?
    7. will the server perform other roles (domain controller, file server, print server, etc)?
    8. will you be using B1's archiving functionality?

    As you can see, it will be hard for any tool to calculate the needed storage capacity for you. However, you could quickly create your own calculation tool with Excel. A single transaction is (very) roughly 0.002 MB in size. Multiply that number by the number of transactions that you estimate you will have after 5 years, and add to that the estimated total size in MB of any attachments and images. Multiply the total by at least two (see the blog).



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