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How to use E1BPPAREX - IDoc Segment enhancement


can you provide me with some details on "how to use the E1BPPAREX" IDoc Segment ?

I want to enhance the standard PRICECATALOGUE02 IDoc with some customer defined fields.

There is a use of a STRUCTURE FIELD and 4 VALUEPARTS.

What kind of structure do i have to use ?

I red something about to enter 2 kind of structures ?

a) the first part = wrf_pricat_key*

b) second part = DDIC userdefined structure.



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3 Answers

  • Feb 12, 2008 at 11:59 AM

    Hi Gordon,

    1. Map customer data in E1BPPAREX segment fields:

    STRUCTURE CHAR 30 0 Structure name of BAPI table extension

    VALUEPART1 CHAR 240 0 Data part of BAPI extension parameter

    VALUEPART2 CHAR 240 0 Data part of BAPI extension parameter

    VALUEPART3 CHAR 240 0 Data part of BAPI extension parameter

    VALUEPART4 CHAR 240 0 Data part of BAPI extension parameter

    2. Build a new implementationof BADI interface IF_EX_PRICAT_OUT_EXTIN (PRICAT_IN_EXTIN definition name) using SE19

    3. Write the ABAP code for UPDATE_INBOUND_EXTENSIONIN method to manage your additional customer data:

    UPDATE_INBOUND_EXTENSION: This method enables the data from the

    ExtensionIn table parameter to be processed. This parameter may contain

    customer-specific data that is either to be integrated into standard

    tables in the price catalog, or stored in customer-defined tables.

    BAPI_Table_Extensions are used for this integration into the standard

    tables from the price catalog. These are enhancement concept objects for

    BAPIs. SAP delivers them with the key elements, and customers enhance

    them for their own fields in appends. The method receives the

    Table_Extensions using the interface and then it can fill them. Once the

    entries are returned after the method has been called, they are mixed

    with the standard tables. If a customer wishes to update

    customer-defined tables, a user-defined update module can be called in

    the method and it will update the customer-defined tables.

    When the method is called, the changing parameters are empty. They may

    be filled in the method. They are used to provide customer-defined

    fields in the standard tables. If entries are made in these structures

    and tables, the 'entries_made' parameter must be set to 'X' so that the

    entries are transferred from these structures and tables to the standard

    tables in the price catalog. These parameters are BAPI table extensions.

    These structures can be enhanced in the customer system with APPENDS.

    This enhancement is exactly the same as the enhancement for the standard

    tables involved. The customer-specific fields are transexported to the

    standard tables after the method has been called using a

    MOVE_CORRESPONDING. This involves the enhancement technology that

    supports BAPIs in the standard system.

    Reward points if useful.


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    Feb 12, 2008 at 12:30 PM


    thx for your infomation.

    Can you provide me more details how to procees with PRICECATALOGUE02 inbound processing ?

    I would like to create a structure "Zxx_str" with the following information (1-4 = keyfields; 5-8 = fields for the valuepart1)

    1. Catalognumber

    2. EAN NUmber

    3. uom

    4. date

    5. text1 (char80)

    6. text2 (char80)

    7.text3 (char80)


    a) The STRUCTURE is filled with "Zxx_str"

    b) Fields 5-7 are used for the VALUEPART1

    What is the name of the processing BADI ? and which method is used for the inboundprocessing of this enhancement ?



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    • Former Member Roger Gomez


      i need your help again.

      do i have to fill, at the beginning of the field, the key (from the structure) into each VALUE PART Field ?







      ZZFIELD1 (CHAR 240)

      ZZFIELD2 (CHAR 240)

      Valuepart1 = key&ZZFIELD1

      Valuepart2 = restfromZZFIELD1&ZZFIELD2

      But the first characters (the same length as the complete key) will be ignored.

      Is the key needed for each ValuePart line ?



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    Aug 18, 2010 at 12:05 AM


    Did anyone figure out how to map to the E1BPPAREX and E1BPPAREXX segments? We are using these segments in the MATMAS_BAPI IDOC TYpe for our Material Master LSMW load. Currently, we are mapping the custom segment name to E1BPPAREX-STRUCTURE (BAPI_TE_MARA) and the Material Number and Custom Fields to E1BPPAREX-VALUEPART1 (all concatenated together). In the E1BPPAREXX segment, we are mapping the custom structure to E1BPPAREXX-STRUCTURE(BAPI_TE_MARAX) and the Material Number and 7 "X" values to represent flags for each of the 7 custom fields.

    Is this sufficient? Or is additional mapping required? Also, I see function module IDOC_INPUT_MATMAS_BAPI has a section to process the E1BPPAREX and E1BPPAREXX segments. Is any additional coding/user-exit required?

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