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Feb 12, 2008 at 06:30 AM

UWL Custom Connector & Lotus Workflow


Hi Folks,

We are using lotus worflow. To integrate lotus WF with netveawer UWL we've developed a custom UWL connector with webdynpro which reads user activities from domino web server as a rss feed. Ous rss feed needs authentication. Netveawer and the lotus domino web server are configured SSO. Once user logs into portal at the same session he/she will be authenticated with domino web server. But although there is a SSO between two systems somehow our connector could not get the job list from domino WF because of authentication problem. I've searched intenet and gone into other resources resulted nothing. Does anybody know in which credentials UWL connector service runs. Does it use logged in user's account or another account. Is there any way that make uwl connector read rss request with current users credentials. Finally none of them above is not feasible then how can I get logged in user's name inside uwl connector application code.

System versions

SAP netveawer 2004s sp 13.

Lotus Domino 7.0.1

Any help will be appreciated .


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