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Feb 12, 2008 at 04:55 AM

Plannnig dates calculation




A- Fert


X- Roh

For routing of A, operation 10= 1 Hr and 20 = 1-Hr ( total = 2 hr)

For routing of P, operation 10 = 1 Hr (Only one operation)

Material X (roh) = 20 days of plan delivery time maintained in MRP view

After execution of MRP Run system generates requirement,

Planning run date 12.02.2008

Considering holiday on Saturday and Sunday as per calinder day, below dates of requirement given by system,

For X (roh) = Start date - 12/02/08 and finish date 04/02/08 (considering 20 days time)

For P (semi) strt date-12/02/2008 and finish date 27/02/08 (Considering routing operation time)

For A (finish) sart date-12/02/08 and finish date 15/03/08 (Considering routing operation time)

Now as per above generated requirement date shows roh material finish date is 04/03 but this raw material am using for semi finish (P) which start date is 12/02 and finish 27/02.

But here how I can start my production unless and until I receive the roh mateial bcoz roh material finish date is 04/02

My query is how system calculate dates if material is dependent on another material. How MRP run will execute this dependent requirement and what settting is need to do.

for MRP Run below parameter set-

Processing key- NETCH

Create purchase req.-3

Delivery schedules -3

Create MRP list -1

Planning mode -1

Scheduling -2