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disp+work state=YELLOW, reason=Request handling without progress


The below is my setup:

OS: SUSE Linux 12 SP13

DB: HANA 2.0

Below are the details of the disp+work of which I have updated from patch 17 to 301:

The DB has been up and running successfully. But the S4HANA 1610 IDES which is a new single host installation, the dispatcher is always YELLOW and says Request handling without progress. Below are the errors from dev_disp:

DpUpdateStatusFileWith: state=YELLOW, reason=Request handling without progress

Mon Nov 20 18:33:45:430 2017
DpMBufHwIdSet: set Hardware-ID

Mon Nov 20 18:41:34:522 2017
***LOG Q1C=> DpMBufHwIdSet [dpxxmbuf.c   1215]
DpMBufTypeMod: MBUF component UP (event=MBUF_DPEVT_UP)
DpMsgProcess: 1 server in MBUF
DpMsgProcess: MBUF state is MBUF_ACTIVE
DpMBufReset: state = MBUF_PREPARED
***LOG Q0I=> NiIWrite: writev (32: Broken pipe) [/bas/749_REL/src/base/ni/nixxi.cpp 4847]
*** ERROR => NiIWrite: SiSendV failed for hdl 18/sock 12
    (SI_ECONN_BROKEN/32; UD; ST; [nixxi.cpp    4847]
*** ERROR => NiICheck: NiBufIWriteUserMsg failed (rc=-6) [nixxi.cpp    6425]
*** ERROR => NiBufIProcMsg: NiICheck failed (rc=-6) [nibuf.cpp    1923]
*** ERROR => NiBufIIn: NiBufIProcMsg failed (rc=-6) [nibuf.cpp    2847]
*** ERROR => MsINiRead: NiBufReceive failed (NIECONN_BROKEN) [msxxi.c      2854]

*  LOCATION    SAP-Dispatcher hanasys_A4H_01 on host hanasys
*  ERROR       Reading data from the message server (hanasys / 3902) failed.
*              Please check the trace file of the message server.
*  TIME        Mon Nov 20 18:41:34 2017
*  RELEASE     749
*  COMPONENT   MS (message handling interface, multithreaded)
*  VERSION     4
*  RC          -36
*  MODULE      /bas/749_REL/src/krn/ms/msxxi.c
*  LINE        2879
*  COUNTER     2767

*** ERROR => MsIReadFromHdl: MsINiRead (rc=NIECONN_BROKEN) [msxxi.c      2242]
MBUF state OFF
DpMBufTypeMod: MBUF component DOWN (event=MBUF_DPEVT_DOWN)
DpMsServerDown: wakeup waiting sessions
*** ERROR => DpMsgProcess: MsReceive () -> MSENILAYER, partner:                      [dpMessageSer 272]
*** ERROR => DpMsgProcess: disconnect from msg_server [dpMessageSer 355]
DpMsServerDown: wakeup waiting sessions
*** WARNING => DpTimestamp: got suspicious timestamp (act = (1511196094,537531), last = (1511194504,674743) [dpxxschd.c   1523]
DpUpdateStatusFileWith: state=YELLOW, reason=Request handling without progress

Mon Nov 20 18:59:27:049 2017
*** WARNING => DpTimestamp: got suspicious timestamp (act = (1511197167,49401), last = (1511196094,537531) [dpxxschd.c   1523]
*** WARNING => DpRequestProcessingCheck: potential request processing problem detected (188. check) [dpxxwp.c     4702]

I have gone through several posts on he SCN, and mostly recommend patching the kernel which I did with no luck. Let me know what else am I missing here.

Thank you.


dispwork.png (17.7 kB)
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  • Thanks for the reply. dev_ms is attached.

    I see the below errors:

    *** ERROR => MsSCheckConnections: no response from client C2 ( after 300 secs received [msxxserv.c 4725]
    *** ERROR => MsSCheckConnections: disconnect now [] [msxxserv.c 4729]

    I see it's trying to connect to, where as the host is mapped with 192.168.xxxx in the hosts file? How can I fix this?

    dev-ms.txt (7.0 kB)
  • Hello,

    I couldn't identify a single reason why your instance is not starting, however, I have some ideas.

    1) Did you introduce any other changes besides the kernel upgrade? Any modified profile parameters?

    2) Ping your hostname and check the IP

    3) Did you change the hostname or IP address of this system?

    4) What about memory? Is HANADB installed and running on the same host? How big is the swap space? Try running free -g and check the available memory

    5) Did you read the folowing note?

    1984787 - SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 12: Installation notes

  • 1. No changes were done besides the kernel upgrade.

    2. When I ping the hostname, I get the response from the IP (192.168.xx.xx) which I have maintained in the hosts file.

    3. No changes are done to the hostname and it's IP.

    4. The memory of this virtual machine is 120 GB. Yes, DB installed and running successfully. Swap is 80GB.

    5. I have checked the note and implemented few of them about UUIDD.

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2 Answers

  • Nov 23, 2017 at 11:44 AM

    Can you try to add to the instance profile parameter (do the backup first):

    PHYS_MEMSIZE = 16384

    And then restart the instance.

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  • Nov 23, 2017 at 11:50 AM
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