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Former Member
Feb 12, 2008 at 04:38 AM

Transport Table Issue


Hi Friends,

We have three different environments DEV, QAS, PRD (All on ECC6.0). DEV system has three clients (010,055,210) QAS has 210 and Production has 210.

For a smooth testing we want all the three systems to be in Sync. Therefore whenever there is customized change we want this change to move from DEV210àQAS210àPRD210.

But at times development teams are not aware of this and they just move the change to either DEV055à QAS 210à PRD210 making the system out of Sync.

To overcome this situation:

I found one table E070C to check if the transport which went to QAS210 was also moved to DEV210. But the issue we are facing is that this table only contains one entry, I mean if the transport which was created in DEV010 and moved to DEV055 and DEV210. This table would only reflect one entry which would be the transport would moved last. I mean if the transport was moved to DEV055 is later then DEV210 then this table do not contain any data for DEV210 (but actually the transport was moved to DEV210).

Now my question is

1) Is there any table through which I can track this?

2) Or Is it possible to make a change and see both the entries in the same table.

Please suggest ASAP.