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Feb 12, 2008 at 02:10 AM

Error in File adapter Module.-- the whole lookup name is localejbs/localjbs


Hi All,

Iam just trying to do File to IDoc scenario using Seeburger Modules.File is picked and when it enters into modules , it is showing the below error.

Success Channel CC_SND: Send binary file "/sapint/testout/Input_Test". Size 2568 with QoS EO

Error Attempt to process file failed with Path to object does not exist at localjbs, the whole lookup name is localejbs/localjbs/SeeClassifier.

The Steps which i followed in Module are as follows.

ModuleName ModuleKey

localjbs/SeeClassifier classifier

localejbs/CallBicXIRaBean bic

localejbs/Seeburger/MessageSplitter splitter

ModuleKey ParamterName ParameterValue

bic mappingName AUTO

bic destSourceMsg MainDocument

bic destTargetMsg MainDocument

bic split true

bic classifierAttID classifierAtt

classifier destSourceMsg MainDocument

classifier attID classifierAtt

classifier showInAuditLog true

If anyone has idea what might be wrong?? kinldy share the same.

Its urgent for me.