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Feb 11, 2008 at 05:03 PM

DB instance move


I'm trying to move my database instance from one system to another on an MSSQL db. Currently, the db is locally attatched and I am trying to move it to a remote node.

I've been using ossnotes 98678 and 592514 as reference. Here is what I did so far:

Stopped the SAP system and local MSSQL installation.

Copied the db to the new system and re-created the connections.

verified that the userids can connect to the db.

Changed the following Default.pfl parms


- dbs/mss/server

- j2e/dbhost

logged into <sid>adm and changed the environment variables for MSSQL_SERVR to point to the new db instance (globally).

logged into the config tool and changed the secure store parm for the jdbc/poool/<sid>/Url to reflect the db instance name.

Rebooted the server.

The DB is up on the new server and seems to be connecting properly via the MSSQL tools. Also the config tool seems to connect to the db properly since I can see the instances and the db connect seems to come back ok.

But when I try to start SAP, the msg server starts ok, the enqueue server starts, gw connects, the ms connects but once server0 under J2EE Process table (in sapmmc) gets to starting framework status... Everything goes into a stopped status and the disp+work fails.

The Dev_jcontrol doesn't have any errors except

[Thr 3504] Mon Feb 11 11:55:43 2008

[Thr 3504] JControlICheckProcessList: process dispatcher (pid:3948) died (STOPPING)

[Thr 3504] JControlIResetProcess: reset process dispatcher

[Thr 3504] JControlCloseProgram: started (exitcode = 0)

[Thr 6136] JControlMSMessageFunc: shutdown -> terminate message listener

[Thr 6136] JControlMSMessageFunc: leave listener thread

The Dev_disp looks clean also...

NiBufSend starting

NiIWrite: hdl 3 sent data (wrt=110,pac=1,MESG_IO)

MsINiWrite: sent 110 bytes

MsIDetach: send logout to msg_server

MsIDetach: call exit function

DpMsShutdownHook called

NiBufISelUpdate: new MODE -- (r-) for hdl 3 in set0

SiSelNSet: set events of sock 144 to: ---

NiBufISelRemove: remove hdl 3 from set0

SiSelNRemove: removed sock 144 (pos=3)

SiSelNRemove: removed sock 144

NiSelIRemove: removed hdl 3

MBUF state OFF

AdGetSelfIdentRecord: > <

AdCvtRecToExt: opcode 60 (AD_SELFIDENT), ser 0, ex 0, errno 0

AdCvtRecToExt: opcode 40 (AD_MSBUF), ser 0, ex 0, errno 0

AdCvtRecToExt: opcode 40 (AD_MSBUF), ser 0, ex 0, errno 0

blks_in_queue/wp_ca_blk_no/wp_max_no = 1/300/30

LOCK WP ca_blk 1

make DISP owner of wp_ca_blk 1

DpRqPutIntoQueue: put request into queue (reqtype 1, prio LOW, rq_id 15)

MBUF component DOWN

NiICloseHandle: shutdown and close hdl 3 / sock 144

NiBufIClose: clear extension for hdl 3

MsIDetach: detach MS-system

cleanup EM

EsCleanup ....

EmCleanup() -> 0

Es2Cleanup: Cleanup ES2

***LOG Q05=> DpHalt, DPStop ( 2796) [dpxxdisp.c 10334]

Good Bye .....

Apparently, I missed something that is preventing the J2EE engine from starting properly. Does anyone have any ideas what I might have missed.

One other question. The DB server does not have JDK installed there, is that required for a central db connection?