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How can I use different active BOM versions of a component for different products ?

Nov 21, 2017 at 10:29 AM


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One of my client created two (or more) active BOM versions for a semi finished component and, depending of the finished product where this component is used he requires to be able to use this different BOM versions according to finished product where this component is used, to be able to have correct automatic planned orders created by MRP.

Thank you for your support!

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3 Answers

Darrell Hart Dec 07, 2017 at 03:44 AM

I would have thought that if the component had a different BOM and went into a specific FG dependent on this BOM, then it should have a different part number altogether.

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This can be an quick answer (that I have already provided to my client as a backup solution) but this solution is not very practical , and I am not satisfied with it since it increases the nr. of material codes which should not be different as my client explained to me. The semi finished prod. with different BOM versions has only one component different (out of more that 40, as an average which are similar) so it make sense to create different BOMs for this semi finished , for example in some special cases even if the semi finished prod. with different BOM version is in stock this can be used in different finished product other than it should normally be used normally - but this must be avoided - this is the need of my client, to be able to plan better the different BOM versions of those semi finished products so each time it will produce just the correct quantity of this semi finished based on the finished products forecast (or orders).

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So let me get this straight, the client is going to have semi-finished goods in stock under the same part number which may have different components and can't be interchanged in the same finished good..? And why can't they increase the quantity of Material numbers..?

This all sounds a bit strange however, what you can do is set up Production Versions in the Material Master tab MRP4 of the respective Finished Goods. Link the routing and the BOM version of the semi-finished part, and set the Selection Method to 3.

This will allow MRP to plan the materials, but you would then need a manual identification of the semi-finished goods inventory.


Yes - same semi fished product with different active BOMs (where only one or 2 components differ between bom versions out of 50 components in total ) and depending on those BOMs the semi finished product will be consumed in different finished products. It's not normal to increase the number of material codes because they have certification (to produce) on one product (and it is allowed to have some of the components different in the semi finished BOM).

Also I have read about using production versions but this is still not helping because when the BOM for the finished product is done and I want to specify the component (semi finished product with a specific production version ) I don't have the possibility to specify the specific production version of the component, that is my problem because if I would have that possibility this could have solved my problem. Also what I have read was that production version can be chosen automatically based on valability date or lot size but also this is not the case because the versions should be available for any lot size or availability date of the production version. I am open for any other suggestions to solve this in an acceptable way.

Thank you very much for your help until now!


"the semi finished product will be consumed in different finished products"

"they have certification (to produce) on one product"

Reading between the lines, this seems to suggest that they have certification from UL or similar to produce an item with a registered part number, and have made deviations to this to produce different finished goods but are still constrained by the registration of only one part number.

The obvious answer, even though I realise it can be a very lengthy process, is to get more part numbers certified.


So it is impossible to automatically link different finished products with an specific bom of an semi finished component?

The only solution is to create an semi finished product material code for each bom version and update all BOMs of finished products with the new semi finished material codes specific for each of them?

Jan Buchmann Jun 11 at 07:57 AM

Hi Laurentiu

"Impossible" is such a hard word when we are talking SAP... ;-)

Have a look at production versions, which you can use to group task lists and BOM versions. We use them to determine different BOM versions depending on the lot size. In our case, the different BOM versions essentially contain the same components, but different scrap factors as these can be disproportional.

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Caetano Almeida
Jun 11 at 07:18 PM


In the standard MRP process, requirements of both materials in the same day will generate a single replenishment planned order, therefore, it wouldn't be possible to know which production version should be selected.

However, a possible solution for this issue is to separate the dependent requirements of both materials using storage location MRP areas. Then, you create a different production version for each storage location and MRP will select it automatically, according to the MRP area.

Another solution is to use BAdI MD_MODIFY_PRODVERS to create your own logic to influence the production version selection.

Best regards,


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