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Feb 10, 2008 at 01:39 PM

Movement Type 561 for initial stock upload


Dear All I assigned the G/L Account automatic posting under GBB with the valuation class and in PRD there is already an account is assigned to the valuation class, when i tried to do transaction of movement type 561 following error occurs kindly correct me where i am lacking.

Fld selectn for mvmt type 561 / acct 235199 differs for Ext. GA amount in LC (023)

Message no. M7093


Comparison of the field selection strings from movement type 561 and G/L account 235199 has revealed that there is an incompatible field selection combination at one or more points.

Field for which the field selection is different: Ext. GA amount in LC


On the movement type screen, a given field is a mandatory-entry field, whereas on the G/L account screen, the same field is suppressed.

System Response

You cannot post this transaction, unless you have changed the field selection adequately.


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