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Feb 09, 2008 at 09:51 AM

Internal Order Settlement problem



While settling an order in KO88, I'm getting following error.

Please help me.

Either the sender is already settled, or there is nothing to settle

Message no. KD213


Possible causes:

The balance on the sender is zero.

There is nothing to settle for the settlement type selected.

Example: Periodic settlement

Distribution rule: Percentage rate 50%

Receiver cost center 1

Settlement type PER

Charge in the posting period: $200

Credit from earlier settlement: $100

The distribution rule always applies to the period value (here: $200). At the month end, 50% (here $100) was settled. This leaves nothing to be settled when the period close is repeated. The balance (here: $100) can only be settled using full settlement or an additional distribution rule.


Vikas Malhotra