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PSA data correction


I am trying to load some data into an ODS. For a field 'Insurance Type', there's some records in the source system that have some incorrect data. In these records, instead of the data 'Full Insurance', there's some hexadecimal characters (exactly how many I am not sure) in the beginning of the string 'Full Insurance'.

I want to delete these records in the PSA. I am searching in the PSA by setting a filter on this field. For the filter value, I tried giving a string starting with one/two/three '?' for single characters followed by Full* for the rest of 'Full Insurance' string, but I am not getting any hits. How can I filter these records in the PSA, to remove the hexadecimal characters from the records?


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2 Answers

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    Feb 09, 2008 at 07:16 AM


    I think you are facing an invalid character issue.

    This issue can be resolved by correcting the error records in PSA and updating it into the target. For that the first step should be to identify if all the records are there in PSA. You can find out this from checking the Details tab in RSMO, Job log , PSA > sorting records based on status,etc. Once its confirmed force the request to red and delete the particular request from the target cube. Then go to PSA and edit the incorrect records (correcting or blanking out the invalid entries for particular field InfoObject for the incorrect record) and save it. Once all the incorrect records are edited go to RSA1>PSA find the particular request and update to target manually (right click on PSA request > Start update immediately).

    Identifying incorrect records.

    First see RSMO > Details > Expand upate rules / processing tabs and you will find some of the error records.

    Then you can go to PSA and filter using the status of records. Filter all the red requests. This may also wont show the entire incorrect records.

    Then you can go to PSA and filter using the incorrect records.

    If this also doesnt work out go to PSA and sort (not filter) the records based on the particular field with incorrect values and it will show all the records. Note down the record numbers and then edit them one by one.

    If you want to confirm find the PSA table and search manually.

    I will add the step by step procedure to edit PSA data and update into target (request based).


    1. Force the request to red in RSMO > Status tab.

    2. Delete the request from target.

    3. Come to RSMO > top right you can see PSA maintenace button > click and go to PSA .

    4.Edit the record

    5. Save PSA data.

    6. Got to RSA15 > Search by request name > Right click > update the request from PSA to target.

    This should solve your problem for now.

    As a long term you can apply some user exit in source system side or change your update rules to ensure that this field is getting blanked out before getting loaded in cube or add that particular achr to permitted character list in BW (Run TCODE RSKC

    Input the <character> and execute the program) This will add <character> to the allowed characters list.


    RSKC --> type ALL_CAPITAL --> F8 (Execute)


    Run the report RS_ERRORLOG_EXAMPLE,By this report you can display all incorrected records of the data & you can also find whether the error occured in PSA or in TRANSFER RULES.


    Go to SE38 and execute the program RSKC_ALLOWED_CHAR_MAINTAIN.







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      Hi JituK,

      Thanks, your post was very useful.

      I was not able to see the incorrect records in the filter and also the status of the incorrect records was green. So I sorted the enitre PSA list of about 1 lakh records. Then in the filter it showed which values of the field in question were incorrect with red values (somehow, if i tried to filter with these values, it doesn't show the records then). So after sorting I scrolled down the list to those particular values and changed all the incorrect records one by one. Then the update to ODS and its activation worked fine.

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    Feb 10, 2008 at 12:47 AM

    If bad data is already in PSA and want to edit, do the following:

    Detele the target request first.

    You won't be able to edit data in PSA until you delete the target request.

    Now go to PSA table (RSA15) find the PSA request & right click on it and click Edit.

    Here you will see all good data as green and bad/erroneous data in red. Double Click on the bad data and edit it.

    Save data and come back to request.

    Right click on the request and click on the Update data immediately.

    All the good data will be in target.

    If bad data is not in PSA, try to fix it in Source or you can write a small routine in transfer rules.

    Hope it helps...

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    • Former Member Former Member

      You can edit the PSA w/o deleting the request in target, however you cannot load the same request w/o deleting it in the target.