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Feb 09, 2008 at 05:17 AM

Price Change based on Purity


Client is Procuring NI with the Base percentage of 60%.PO is raised on 60% basis.

I am giving the Example.

18INR/ 1kg in PO means the NI % is 60% (This is the base)

1000KG in PO means 1800 INR(60% is the base)

If any changes occurred then Clinet has to pay on prorata basis.

Supoose at the time of qulitry it comes 62% then amount paid will be (1836INR because 2% is increasing)

At the time of GR store person put the NI% as per the Bill,but the actual come after the quality is done. How to do it?? At the time of Quality I can only the NI % for reporting purpose,client want that based only Quality check the amount should come at the time of MIRO.