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Former Member
Feb 08, 2008 at 06:37 PM

BIA Transports



I have few questions regarding the BIA Transports.

We are planning on buying the BIA only for QA and Prod system - and not for DEV system.

1) Does BIA requrires Transports from DEV ?

2) If yes, then how should we accomplish the transports from DEV to QA/Prod - if BIA is not connected to the DEV.

3) I heard that process for Aggregates roll-up and BIA-roll up is the same - So, what if I don't have an Aggregates on my Cube, and BIA is not connected DEV but only connected to QA/Prod - Then how to transport rollup loads in the Process Chains from DEV to QA/Prod.

4) Finally........I heard that the licencing for BIA is changed from Per Blade to Per Memory. Is that a true statement ? If yes, is there any link where I can find that information.

Thanks, I will assign the points.