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Feb 08, 2008 at 02:58 PM

APO CTM - Procurement priority


Hi All,

I have the following scenario.

One Factory called FactoryA

Two Suppliers, SupplierA and SupplierB.

SupplierB has stock of 1000 lying with it.

There is a demand at FactoryA of 1000

SupplierA has higher procurement priority than SupplierB

When I run CTM, Pur Reqs are created at FactoryA for procuring from SupplierA where planned order is created which results in late fulfilment of demand at FactoryA.

Even though there is stock lying at SupplierB, it is ignored just because it has lower procurement priority.

In the global settings for late demand fulfillment, we have allowable late demand fulfillment to be set at 999 days.

Can there be a solution for such a scenario where priority is overridden to first use the existing stock in lower priority supplier and then, if needed, create planned orders at the higher priority supplier? Looking for some urgent help.

Thanks in advance

Ehsan Ahmed