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Feb 08, 2008 at 02:48 PM

Memorandum of Receipt (MR)


hello all,

it is a practice in our company that an item exceeds 20,000.00 should be accompanied with Memorandum of Receipt(MR) the moment it was withdrawn in the Warehouse. the MR is issued to the employee responsible for safe keeping of the item. and if the item is already busted i can return the item to the WH so that my MR will be cancelled.


the company buy a laptop for my use, upon withdrawal of the laptop from Warehouse i have to issued the Memorandum of Receipt(MR) for the laptop.meaning i am responsible for the item. if i dont work for the company or the item is busted i have to return the item(laptop in this ex.) to the WH so that my MR will be cancelled.

please suggest how can i do this in SBO.

Thanks and more Power


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