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Feb 08, 2008 at 12:02 PM

Missing data when using the WEB Browser in MDM


Hi All,

I am currently implementing MDM Catalog. The requirement of the Business is to be able to search materials by Plant. Different Plants may have different Prices for the same item.

For Example:

Material Plant Price

A A $20

A B $25

I have based my solution on the existing "Pricing Information" What I have set up is the following;

As a field in the Main Table I created "Plant Price"(lookup Q Flat)

The Qualified Lookup table used is called "Plant Price"(Sub Table)

"Plant Price" cosists of the following tables:

Plant(Lookup Flat) - Non Qualifier

Currency(Lookup Flat) - Qulifier

Amount (Currency) - Qualifier

I have loaded Data which can be seen and displayed in the Data Manager(Client).

My Problem however is that When the data is selected and displayed through the WEB Browser(MDM UI) then the field "Plant Price" is displayed but no data/content that was created is displayed in other words the amount and currency is not displayed.

I would appreciate any help or suggestions