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Automatic capacity allocating to other work centre during overload

Nov 21, 2017 at 10:47 AM


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Dear all,

I face the following situation in which lets say i have two work centres W1 and W2 in a plant. In routing i mention W1 work centre for all 3 operations. Now work centre W1 gets overloaded,is there any tcode or way by which i can share the load to work centre W2(not in routing)?

In CM25, we have to choose multiple work centres (else only one work centre is displayed as in routing) and same is passed to next leveling screen and there we need to do drag and drop. Even if i select all planned orders by choosing edit -> select -> chart and dispatch all, all planned orders goes and sits in the work centre which i mentioned in routing only.

Is there any way where it gets allocated or distributed to other work centre in case of overload. Is it possible to achieve the same with any hierarchy or ind.caps or sequences etc..?

Some less complicated way for the client users would be appreciable.

Kindly help me..

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1 Answer

Caetano Almeida
Nov 27, 2017 at 04:59 AM


You can have an alternative production version pointing to a routing with work center W2. Then, in the capacity leveling strategy profile, you should choose the option "Change production version on error", so that system chooses the alternative PV in case of overload.



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Hello Caetano,

For alternative production version work center must assigned with its operation.

In case while in capacity leveling(CM21) no need to mention any operation details only alternative work center is enough to do the capacity leveling.

How to go with the alternate work centre without operation details.Instead assigning prd version in material master.

How to get the Capacity leveling during the MRP Run itself?

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prd-version.png (22.1 kB)

Dear Caetano,

i tried with two production versions with different work centres in routing for same material. I ran MRP and also did capacity leveling,but still its not choosing alternative PV in case of overload.