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Nov 21, 2017 at 12:12 AM


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Hello Experts,

We are improving/evolving a consolidation model in SAP BPCNW 10.1 (embedded) that was implemented with the IFRS started kit and we are having a doubt with the setup of the net income current / previous year calculation. Can you please help us to confirm if the approach below is fine? Or if is a better one?

Below the steps that we are following:

  • 1)PL Data is loaded only to FLOW Closing (F99)
  • 2)In the default logic we have:








  • 3)The default logic will trigger this account based calculation (CALCULATE_NET_INCOME):


This should allow us to see in the BS the current period result (only for I_NONE) since to reflect the result of the operation with related parties we need to wait for the consolidation (we didn’t test the post consolidation net income current year result yet).

  • 4)Once the Balance Carry forward were executed, the following rule will be trigger:l



  • 1)Opening flows (F00) are always generated
  • 2)BS data is loaded to Movement flows and/or directly to F99. This means that we can extract from ECC F99 for BS, is this recommended?
  • 3)PL is only loaded to F99
  • 4) We dont force the F99 calculation for Input Data

Is this procedure OK? If so, is there any better one?

Thanks you all!


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1 Answer

Vadim Kalinin Nov 21, 2017 at 07:05 AM

Embedded and script logic??? Something is wrong.

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Sorry, mixed with another project, is for 10.1 NW Classic. Any suggestion or feedback will be welcome.


Sorry, but your requirements are not clear. What do you want to achieve from the business point of view?

P.S. read again the documentation for IFRS kit.

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Vadim Kalinin

Thanks again, below the goal of this question

  • 1) Is the procedure above correct?
  • 2) Do you have any suggestion from improvement?
  • 3) Before to start with the consolidation, it’s correct to calculate the Net income current year without considering the intercompanies, correct? OR:
  • 4) From the functional point of vew, can we modify the logic in the step 2 above and remove the part " OTHER = [INTERCO=I_NONE] " is this going to be correct? This will consider the Intercompanies + Not Intercompanies operations to calcualate the Net Income Current year (prior the consolidation)

The IFRS documentation explain very well how to calculate the E1610 (Retain Earnings) but in regards to the distinction between net income current year and accumulate results is not very clear (at least for us) and if you can provide us some light here, we will appreciate.



It’s not possible to discuss if something is correct or not without detailed financial requirements.

P.S. IFRS kit is a sample for some artificial setup with detailed explanation of requirements and configuration steps. Your project will depend on your requirements.

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Vadim Kalinin

Hi Vadim and BPC Experts,

Thanks for your inputs I have read all starter kit documentation (and lot of your posts) and I understand that the kit is not fully complete and some decision needs to be taken based on business requirements. However, if you can provided some light or suggestion on how to proceed or if my current assumptions are correct I will highly appreciate.

  • 1)As-Is Configuration:



Net Income Calculation




One example of an elimination rule:



I know that there are a lot of business requirements, but can you help me to understand the configuration above and what I’m not taken in consideration? Below my questions:

a)Based on the configuration above, after loading the Input data before to start the consolidation, my retain earnings of the current period (account E1610 ; F10) is only going to display the result (Sum of Profit and Loss account) with third parties and the results with related parties will be included in the retain earning accounts (E1610) once the consolidation were completed, correct? I mean, am I reading and interpreting the configuration above correctly?

b) The elimination rule above (simple one) has the flag “Force Closing” and “Force Interco” activated. This means that:

B.1) an additional record is generated in Interco = I_NONE. Notice that in the detail sheet I’m not forcing any Interco but in my case I’m generating a record in I_NONE

B.2) Line 2 and 3 must generated a record in F99 if the amount in F10 is different to the amount in F06, correct? à In my case, I don’t nothing in F99 but if you can confirm me that I’m reading the configuration correctly, I will appreciate.

c)If my assumption of A is correct, then I need to generate the record in the F99 to, at end of the consolidation process, reflect the correct result in the retain earning accounts, correct?

d)The F99 in the retain earning account, how will be generated? Only with the force closing in the business rules? Or am I missing somthing? Please consider that in the default I’m summing all Profit and Loss accounts with I_NONE in LC and in the business rules I have the force closing flag activated. Is this enoght to calculated the F99 of the retain earnings?

e)Finally, based on your experience, do you think that at end of the consolidation process do I need to check if F15 is = “0” in the retain earning account? Do you think this is recommended? For example if in B.2 I generate the records in F10 and/or in F06 but nothing in F99 (and F10 <> F06) then all the difference will go to F15 give that I didn’t generate nothing in F99.

Once again thanks you and the BPC community for your help.


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