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Feb 08, 2008 at 02:11 AM

Problems installing CI in Solaris Zones


Hi all,

We're trying to install Web AS Java on Solaris/Oracle but are having an issue when we try to install the CI. We want the CI to be in its own zone, but when we try to install into the zone, after we point to the profile directory (/sapmnt/SID/profile) we get the following error:

Profile parameter rdisp/msserv_internal is not set for instance SCS00/BP1 on host simclst.

You have to edit the profile of the instance as specified below and restart the instance.

Include these lines in the profile:

rdisp/msserv = 0

rdisp/msserv_internal = XXXX

where XXXX denotes a free port number on your machine.

For further information refer to SAP Note 821875.

The thing is, those parameters are set in the profile. And we think that SAPInst can get to the profile, because if we point to a bogus profile location we get an error that the profile doesn't exist.

We have also been able to install the CI into the global zone without problems. So we're pretty sure the issue is with how our local zone is configured.

Has anybody come across this before or have any ideas? Any help will be greatly appreciated.