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Change AFS BASIC Data Season

Nov 22, 2017 at 10:53 AM


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hopfully someone can help me. We are working with the AFS solution. All Materials has "do not use" in the AFS basis data Tab season. Now I want to change it to another value. But it seems that is no allowed.

Our consultant answer, that we need to set a deletion flag and create new materials. If we do that it has a deep impact to the SD/PO orders. Did anybody knows a SAP standard solution.

Thanks in advance


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2 Answers

Stephan Bruning Apr 11 at 08:23 AM

Hi Guilherme,

thanks for your answer. It´s really strange with the field steering. My luck, the material was just created and not used in orders etc. so I change the entree with SE16H and now it works. Not the SAP way, but sometimes you have no chance and go this way. To create a new material, is not really an option, because we work with a lot of third party interfaces, and then we need to change the material number not only in SAP.

Kind regards


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Hi, Stephan.

Yes, changing the values directly on SE16H is a possibility. This would however not be advised by SAP as it could lead to inconsistencies.

In your case since the material had not been used yet, the chances that an inconsistency will happen are a lot smaller, but it is still possible.

I am happy to hear you have been able to solve your issue! I invite you to post here should you have other questions regarding AFS. We will do our best to help.



Guilherme Schaidhauer De Castro
Apr 05 at 05:44 PM

Hello, Stephan.

Once a material is created no changes can be made to the "Season Level" of the material. This is how the system was designed.

Your consultant is correct, the best way to handle this would be by creating new materials.

Always be careful when creating the material master for AFS materials as some fields do not allow for changes after the material has been saved.



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