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Feb 07, 2008 at 08:58 PM

key length message - how to correct it?


I added a couple of fields two an existing Z table (APPL0)

and when I activate I am getting this warning message.

Table ZMATLIST: Key length > 120 (Restricted functionality)

Message no. DT214


The key length, i.e. the sum of the field lengths of all the key fields of the table, is more than 120 bytes.

System response

This is a warning.


Note the following restricted fuctionality for this table:

- Table contents cannot be transported by specifying key values, at

best by specifying generic key values with a maximum length of 120


- The table may not be used as the base table of a lock object.


(Couple of fields have check tables assigned to them already.)

Since I want to transport contents of the table also, how to correct this message?