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Feb 07, 2008 at 07:36 PM

Searching for Sales Order for the given Customer PO Number Pattern in BAPI



I have developed a BAPI which retrieves all the Sales Orders for a given Customer (Sold-To). The Following are the Input Parameters given in the Function Module (RFC).

Customer Number (Mandatory)

From Date (Optional)

To Date (Optional)

Sales Order Number(Optional)

Customer PO Number(Optional)

Now, when the Customer PO Number is populated, it will come as a Pattern, say 9ab* and I need to retrieve all the Sales Orders with PO Number starting with 9ab.

When I am trying to retrieve, it is giving different set of output based on the Case specified in the Customer PO Number Pattern. Lets say, if I give 9ab, I get 200 Records but if I give 9AB, I get only 5 to 6 Records.

As I have understood from the Standard Transaction VA03, it has a Search Help VMVAA which retrieves all the Sales Orders for the given PO Number pattern irrespective of the Case, that is Lower Case, Upper Case or Mix of Upper and Lower Case.

I can see the Code in the Search Help Exit but couldn't find useful piece of code which I can implement in my BAPI to simulate the same.

Can somebody help me on this?