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How can I feed IoT data from SAP HCP trial account to SAP HANA SDS?

Oct 20, 2016 at 05:19 PM


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Hello Experts,

We have configured IoT services on SAP HCP trial account and posted dummy sensor data. We would further like to load this data into SAP HANA SDS as event stream.

Can you please suggest on what are the possible options to achieve this?

Many thanks in advance!



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1 Answer

Jeff Wootton
Oct 20, 2016 at 05:32 PM

You can do this! A prerequisite of course is that you need to have a HANA system with Smart Data Streaming (SDS) installed. If you have that great, if not, then to get SDS added to your HANA system in HCP:

- if you are an SAP customer or partner, order SDS through your SAP account team

- if you are an internal SAP user, contact me for instructions

Note: SDS cannot be installed in HCP trial accounts at this time.

So, you have SDS, now, to connect HCP IoT Services to an SDS Project, see the IoT Services documentation on the SDS processing service. This will tell you how to use the MMS (the message manager service component of IoT Services) API to set up message routing to an SDS project. This lets you configure MMS to send certain message types from certain device types of a specific SDS project for processing/analysis

For information on setting up your SDS system in HCP, see "Working with Smart Data Streaming" in the HCP online documentation (it's a bit hard to find - the link will take you straight to it, but just in case, it's in the SAP HANA: Development section).

And finally, for documentation on building and deploying SDS projects, see the SDS user guides in the sap help portal.

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Hello Jeff,

Thanks for your informative reply. I have one question w.r.t. Note: SDS cannot be installed in HCP trial accounts at this time.

We do have a HANA system ( on premise) with SDS but we do not have SDS on HCP due to trial account limitation. As I understand from the links provided by you, we need to leverage Streaming Web Service interface by enabling SDS Processing Service on HCP.

Does that mean our IoT sensor data which is residing on HCP trial account can not be fed into SAP HANA SDS system ( on-premise)?