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is there a way to move multiple customers order to a common date in SAP LEO?

I need to move multiple orders for different customers to a different date. These orders are on the board to be delivered on Thanksgiving day but I need to move them to the Friday after. Can someone please tell me how to without having to do it individually?

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2 Answers

  • Nov 22, 2017 at 06:49 AM

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  • Nov 22, 2017 at 07:47 AM

    Hello Emelia, I am not entirely sure that I understood your question correctly. If this is the case - please elaborate a little bit more on what transactions and functionalities you refer to, if possible - add a couple of screenshots to help people guide you better.

    By SAP LEO I suppose that you meant the ORTEC LEO add-on, part of which is creating transportation plan (e.g. transaction /lot/plan01n) based on shipping orders.

    I assume that you work with shipping orders, which are generated in the background at delivery creation and that you need to plan existing deliveries, which would have been dispatched normally on a different date than the date for which you try planning. If you try using complete solution or manual drag&drop with shipping orders for a different date you probably end up with some violation codes.

    Ortec LEO available functions may differ a lot between companies and installed versions. In two of the solutions that I have worked so far there was an option to override shipping order parameters (including dates) for multiple shipping orders added to the planning board. These settings are valid only for the specific plan and do not result in changing the data of the delivery itself. If this is what you are after - here is how it is done (sorry, I have no access to a system to add screenshots):

    1. Add the deliveries or shipping orders to the planning board, so that they are added to the the delivery pool. Do not add the shipping orders to a trip yet.

    2. Select multiple documents with the mouse (either use filters or ctrl+left mouse button).

    3. At the top of the delivery pool there is a toolbar where one of the buttons looks like a pencil. Press it and you will get a popup, where you can set a different date and if needed - different start/end time windows. There is a checkbox before the delivery date field - you need to tick it and then edit the date. After pressing Accept the values will be populated to the selected shipping orders. For this to work your documents should not be in error state (if I remember correctly).

    4. After changing the dates you can try automatic solution or drag&drop and check if you have additional violation codes. If all is good you can release the trip.

    Needless to say that you need to inform the customer that you will deliver on a different date and possibly at a different time (this is quite important for some customers that accept products only on specific dates of the week).

    If such adjustments are needed quite often I would recommend discussing the business case with your consultant and if there is a better way to handle the situation - e.g. develop rules how to proceed with planning on holidays, possibly adjusting master data etc.

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