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Feb 07, 2008 at 12:52 PM

Changing UNAME in table CDHDR from WF-BATCH to unique username


Hello everybody,

the situation is as follows:

Within a Workflow a SAP document needs to be released. During the Workflowprocess the Workflow executes a Business Object method to realese the document. Therefore, being processed within Workflow the UNAME in the change history (tables CDHDR and CDPOS, relevant is table CDHDR) is WF-BATCH.

But the customer would like to have the user's name here, who triggered the BO method for releasing the document.

Simple idea:

Just change the field UNAME in table CDHDR as desired via a function module.

Now what is the problem:

Our function module is called within the Workflowprocess and nothing happens with the saved WF-BATCH in the field UNAME of table CDHDR.

But if we run the funtion module seperatly (not within Workflow but with our logged on user) the change to the above field and table works well.

We already checked for all kinds of authority problems, user WF-BATCH already has the authority rights for "SAP ALL".

Thanks in advance to everybody who has an idea for solving our problem!

Kind regards,