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How to archive the data from the table PTDW_TIMES_DB

Nov 01, 2016 at 08:34 PM


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Hi Experts,

We have the table PTDW_TIMES_DB occupying the DB space of around 51 GB
and there is no archive object for this table. Can you please suggest me how to delete data from the above table.

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1 Answer

Luis Lavieri Apr 04 at 05:43 PM

PTDW_TIMES_DB is a table only used to move working time data (mainly from ECC to the BW / BI systems) using extractors 0HR_PT_1, 0HR_PT_2 and 0HR_PT_3 . This data is originally from the time and payroll tables. You could keep the data in PTDW_TIMES_DB on ECC if you need to redo one extraction process (avoiding the time of repopulating the table), but you could also drop the data each time and repopulate the table by re executing them. To drop the data, you could just use the database utilities of SE11. In ECC, transaction RSA3 will enable you to test these extraction processes. Please, check with your BW / BI expert to anticipate the impact of dropping the data.

PTDW_TIMES_DB will not be archived, but the data in CATS and PCL2 via the archiving objects CATS_DATA, PA_CALC and PA_TIME. You use transaction SARA to archive CATS_DATA and PU22 to archive PCL2.

Luis E. Lavieri

City of Vancouver

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