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Feb 07, 2008 at 09:21 AM

Creating the Key Figure in Demand Planning



I have a Issue , where a user wants to know what is the Remaining Allocation for a Planning Material with the Wild Characteristic (&&&&&&) .

Presently we have 2 Key figures Namely:

AEMENGE-Incoming Orders Qty and KCQTY- Prod. Alloc.Qty corrsponding to Info Objects Z0CTK0062-Consumed Allocation Qty and Z0CTK0063-Total Allocation Qty.

This gives us the Total Allocation and Total Consumed Allocation and these key figures we are using in the Macro and difference gives us the remaining Allocation. But now the requirement is to find the remaining Allocation for the Wild Characteristic (&&&)

Eg : Total allocation for Planning Material : X is Say 15000 Kgs

We have allocation for Planning material and Sold to Party Level

Say Material is Sold to 2 Parties A & B and Remaining C is not for any Parties and represented as (&&&)

Say XA - 8000, XB-3000 , X (&&&) - 4000.

The Consumed allocation is XA-5000, XB-2500 and X (&&&)-3000

The system gives the Remaining allocation as 4500 (XA-3000,XB-500 and X(&&&)-1500)

We want to Display the Remaining Allocation of X(&&&) - 2500

along with total Remaining allocation of 4500

Can we have any Key figure to Capture this Data.

Please help in this regards