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Nov 20, 2017 at 08:40 AM

Change sender email address using BCS_SEND_ADDRESSES



When I am performing a certain action in HR Portal, an email is sent to an intended recipient, but the sender is the person who logged into the HR Portal. I want the sender to be a specific email address.

I found BCS_SEND_ADDRESSES BAdI, which allows me to change the email address of sender/recipient. However, now it seems like all emails sent by class CL_BCS use my BAdI implementation and have their sender email address changed. Is there any way I could restrict when my BAdI implementation changes the email address? This BAdI does not any filters, and the interface of the implementing class, IF_BCS_BADI_SEND_ADDRESSES, does not have any parameters that could allow me to determine which action caused the email to be sent.