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Feb 07, 2008 at 04:21 AM

Currency in Rows - problem with Input Ready Rows



Im facing a problem when Im trying to transfer values to the planning buffer with Currency put in rows.

I cannot restrict on Currency because the users plans in Transactional Currency and it various across.

The new row which I have entered has Currency field in rows for which I entered USD and entered the amount as 100 and selected transfer values from context menu. The system displays error message that the entered values are incorrect and correct it before navigation.

As a workaround, if there is another Keyfigure lets say Quantity in the rows, then after entering some values against it as 1 or 10 and now transfer the value, the values gets transfered to the planning buffer and the Amount field now is 0.0$. Now I can make the quantity as 0 and enter the Amount and save the data.

How to transfer the values to the planning buffer along with Currency?