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Feb 06, 2008 at 05:59 PM

Authorization COncept question


hey guys

let me start with what I know,

I understand the following relation clearly

Auth Class=>Auth Object => Auth fields (up to 10).

I also understand that in PROGRAMS we can use authority-check statement to check authorizations.

However what I want to know is;

1.That when we create a ztable, I want to assign the table maintainence my own auth object and auth group. How do I assign an auth group to my auth object?the auth object it shows there by default is S_TABU_DIS. I dont want this, I want z_myobject.

2. Iam not writing a prog, but want an authority check to be performed for my table maintainence, eg only people with name 'SAMEER' and activity type '02' can change this table, in a prg I cud ve coded

authority check object 'z_myobject'.

ID name field 'sameer' ID act field '02'.

But how do i achieve that in table maintanence?

Can anyone please clear the concept for me?

PS: I have access to and I have read it, have also searched the forum, please dont copy paste stuff that is already there.

Best Regards