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Feb 06, 2008 at 04:57 PM

Bill. Doc. Allocation Number - Help Needed


Good afternoon, everyone. We are so sorry to bother you guys, but we are facing a customer’s request we found difficult to solve, at least after doing some research of our own.

Several of our customer’s company uses preprinted forms to print their billing documents, and as the document number range for billing documents on SAP is not the same, we wanted to have a field on billing document header so we can manually populate it with the number of the preprinted form so the customer can link those numbers to make a more precise documentation follow up. (And of course to keep track on AR and Customer’s accounts)

To do so, we thought of using the VBRK-ZUONR field, or maybe VBRK-XBLNR field, as these fields can be “moved” to FI at the time of FI document creation, and also can be seen on customer’s account transactions (i.e.: FBL5N).

The problem is, these fields are “editable” on sales document header (Sales order) and with no special rule on VTFA, these values are copied to the billing document in transparent way and that would be fine, but we don’t want to populate the field at Sales Document Header, but on Billing document Header, at the time of creating it.

So the question is: Is there a way to make any of these fields “editable” so we can populate any of them at the time of billing document creation on VF01? Do we have to create a special Copying requirement on VTFA?? We noticed on VTFA there are special rules just for these fields, but they all refer to fixed values, none of them can be used to leave the field editable on VF01. We also thought of populating the number at header text level, and then trying to “move” the value using substitutions, but it’s just a thought.

Do you think any of these solutions can be applied??

Of course, any help would be much appretiated.

Thank you very much in advance and best regards,

Diego Casanueva