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regarding web service

Hi, Sir,

This is Shareef from India - Kerala. I am a beginner in PB and I developed some applications through PB. Currently I have a requirement from my client like :- They are using my application to retrieve data through webservice in the WSDL method. I mean datasource webservice. (Created new datawindow - datasource (web service).....). Then they will get the result like below ....... " <Files><File FileID='5b9ed06f-9ef7-41bd-86a9-758a96f8c258' FileName='MF133_1070_A001_17112017.xml' SenderID='MF133' ReceiverID='A001' TransactionDate='17/11/2017 21:02' RecordCount='1' IsDownloaded='True' /><File FileID='8bec2e39-c098-4f55-a010-f0155e8b62c3' FileName='MF133_A001_MF133-319_33198054.xml' SenderID='A001' ReceiverID='MF133' TransactionDate='17/11/2017 10:37' RecordCount='1' IsDownloaded='True' /> <File FileID='006e7c0d-0474-4323-9cc7-462c8b97d2d8' FileName='no_319_Dated_17_11_2017.xml' SenderID='MF133' ReceiverID='A001' TransactionDate='17/11/2017 00:00' RecordCount='1' IsDownloaded='True' /> </Files> "from this text I want to generate new data window with appropriate filed and text. Eg :-

FilenameSenderIdReceiverIdTransactiondateRecoudcountIsdownloaded'MF133_1070_A001_17112017.xmlMF133A001'17/11/20171True'MF133_A001_MF133-319_33198054.xml'A001MF133'17/11/20171Ture'no_319_Dated_17_11_2017.xmlMF133A001'17/11/20171true Can you help me ?

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