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Feb 06, 2008 at 02:27 PM

Clicking on one line of table dynamically changes the tables beside it?



Im looking for a solution ot a problem I have which i know can be performed. let me give an example

Here is the scenario

I have two tables:

1. This is Sales figures table which outputs the Top sales figures by Sales person.

2. List of customers by Salesperson

What I want to do is that when I click on a Salesperson name on the left hand table that the table on the right will dynamically display the list of customers that this salesperson has sold to and the sales amount.

So in other words I want the Table on the right to pass the parameters to the table on the left in a dynamic way( as opposed to pop up view).In this case the table on the left would be providing the salesperson name as an inout for the table on the right.

Hope it makes sense,