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Feb 06, 2008 at 12:24 PM

problem with RFC execution


hi guys

In the application am using rfc for 2 different purposes.

1. for Viewing the data from backend table (View)

2. for inserting the data to the same table (Update)

Now first rfc is executed with View option and data is displayed on screen. If some changes are made to the table entries and save button is pressed then same rfc is used with Update option which changes the particular entry in R3 table. For sending the table to rfc I am using the function modelInput.add_Table(structure) .

After inserting (ie after executing the rfc with Update option) when I execute same rfc with another input for View option the table will show new entries along with previously changed table entries. These new entries are those which I had changed in table.

Any suggestion for this problem??