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Feb 06, 2008 at 10:21 AM

BI and VC problem.


hello experts.

This thread was originally posted in the VC forum, but maybe i would be able to get some answers here:

I'm trying to build a simple iView displaying a result table for a query. The input for contains only one query variable (in this case, a fiscal year/period). the variables is compound with fiscal year variant.

When i'm trying to attach a value help based on the characteristics fiscal year/period, (ext_key as a key) im getting a warning message on my VC panel :"Failed to create fields for rule input: ':' Expected ':'.it can be due to field names that have reserved words".

After deployment, the value help concatenates the variant to the selected variable thus leads to an INVALID VARIABLE error.

for example: "001.1999";; in the SAP BI and "K4/001.1999";; in the value help. No string manipulation I know of could solve the problem.

after replacing the '/' sign with ':' manually, the value became valid, but again, it didnt work when i tried to manipulate it in advance by a formula.

any ideas?

I'm using VC 7.0 SP 14.